Director: Kaycie Artus

Kaycie is a physical therapist who has worked with children diagnosed with EB since 1980. She has a special place in her heart for these children, and after taking one girl with RDEB to Winter Park for one of the fund-raisers, and seeing what fun she had skiing, she decided that more children with RDEB should have the opportunity to experience winter activities in the company of other children like them. 

The camp staff includes:


     EB Nurses



     Our own wonderful cooks

We have our own large cabin where each bedroom has its own bathroom. There are wheelchair accessible rooms, and a large kitchen where we can cook our own meals to meet the campers' needs and favorite food.

Everyone on the staff is very familiar with EB and is able to do dressing changes according to the direction of the campers and their parents.  They can handle any medical issues that arise and are also musicians and comedians. 

Special Camp For Kids Living With ‘The Worst Disease You’ve Never Heard Of’